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Shelisa Bainbridge
Shelisa Bainbridge is revolutionizing the corporate leadership landscape. By inverting top-down leadership models she brings leadership training to entry-level leaders where change happens from the ground up.

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The gold standard. Long gone are the days when a consistent set of skills are able to carry a company’s relevance for years at a time. Make time your ally with our broad portfolio of tactical leadership solutions, created and implemented for your specific context.

Shelisa Bainbridge Business Coach

Business Coaching in London, Ontario and Canada

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Hire a professional business coach for all of your business needs and ambitions. Get to your career and business goals fast and successfuly. Shelisa Bainbridge is a certified business coach located in London, Ontario. Shelisa Bainbridge serves clients across Canada with online coaching services. Whether you are in London, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, or any other city in Canada - we can help! Get the best leadership services online with Shelisa Bainbridge. For organizations or individuals, we got you covered. Customized business coaching plans for all kinds and levels of your company. Catapult your success in record time and get to your dream goals. Make more money and earn the success you deserve. Shelisa Bainbridge has all of the tools and resources for making your business skyrocket! Learn how to be a better business manager or leader for your team. We offer webinars, masterclasses, consulting, and coaching. Contact Shelisa to get a quote or if you have any questions. Book an online appointment now for leadership coaching and training using our easy online booking system.

A business coach will aid and guide a business owner in running their company by assisting them in clarifying their company's vision and how it aligns with their own ambitions. Business coaching takes your business where you need it to go. You learn the best tools and resources for being an entrepreneur. Both professions bring years of knowledge to the table, coaching and mentoring can be easily misconstrued. After determining where a business owner wants to take their company, business coaching may assist in planning and establishing the goals and tactics that will help the company get closer to its goal. A business coach will meet with the business owner on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure that they stay on track with the commitments made during the coaching sessions. Many successful small business owners attribute their success to having an excellent business or executive coach . You can achieve any objective you want by combining the power of a business coach and a good company with potential! Our location is in London, Ontario but we can do online coaching for clients across Canada. A certified business coach in London, Ontario can help your business across Ontario and all provinces in Canada. Whether you are in London, Toronto, Windsor, Ottawa, or another city. We can help your business gain success fast. You'll have more success with more coaching, and include business coaching for each member of your executive team can result in explosive, exponential growth. The most effective strategy to achieve massive results is to work with a competent business coach. Business coaching services are used by some of the world's most spectacularly successful organisations and entrepreneurs to set themselves apart from the competition. When you engage with Shelisa Bainbridge Business Coach, you'll get all the help you and your company require!

An entrepreneurship coach can be a valuable resource in a variety of industries. Whether you're a career professional looking for a raise or an entrepreneur unsure of your next step, the appropriate business coach can put you on the road to success. A business coach has the power to transform your life and your company. It's critical to find the ideal business coach. Effective coaching has the power to completely transform your company. Each coaching session focuses on motivating the entrepreneur and outlining strategies or goals. To figure out what's wrong, let's ask questions and be honest about your business. We are available to assist you at any moment! Spend time improving your interpersonal skills and learning how to deal with adversity. It might be difficult to keep track of all of your business's objectives and expenses. Keep in touch with me to stay on track and ensure a steady increase in revenues over time! My business coaching solutions are designed to swiftly get to the root of your challenges.

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Join this webinar to discover a transformative reframing technique that has revolutionized employee effectiveness, job satisfaction, and team performance for my clients. This approach creates high-performing teams, whether implemented across an entire organization or within a single team, yielding significant results for leaders and their teams.

 In this session, I will publicly reveal four secrets that have empowered companies like yours to successfully adopt this reframing strategy. We’ll begin by examining three common indicators that I encounter in the vast majority of businesses. These indicators act as symptoms of a prevalent issue, and with repeated diagnosis, it becomes clear they all point to the same underlying condition.

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Shelisa Bainbridge


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Director, Global Automotive Manufacturer


Shelisa is great! The professional coaching Shelisa has offered really helped my ability to connect with associates and upper management. Her mentorship and desire to identify areas to sharpen my coaching skills were incredible. Thank you so much Shelisa for providing the tools and helping me develop my business coaching skill set. I am much more confident as a people leader now and would not feel this way without your guidance. THANK YOU SHELISA!

President, Technology Consulting Industry


Shelisa designed and facilitated a workshop for our clients who were early adopters of a new SaaS offering that our firm has developed called ETAS (Enterprise Technology Administration Service).

The outcome of the workshop was to assist our team with the development of ETAS service offering roadmap.

Her facilitation style generated participation from our clients that was amazing and the information that we gathered from the session enabled us to develop and assign priority for future enhancements and modules.

Our ETAS roadmap has only had minor modifications which we attribute 100% to Shelisa and her expertise in leading the group to identify common pain points and client needs. I hope to work again with Shelisa in the future and would highly recommend her to others. Shelisa is a professional and highly skilled at what she does.

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