catapult your career.

Leaders at all levels are at some point held back by apprehension, fear, worry, insecurity, and so much more. And these feelings are particularly heightened for new leaders. If you’re on this page, it’s likely that being part of a winning, experienced, trusted group of professionals whose only goal is to nurture your growth, would be of interest to you. That is why I’ve created an easy way for you to access training and coaching that will catapult your career as a leader, helping you to stand out among your peers and establish you as a must-needed talent in your organization.

The world is ready and waiting for you to make your mark, so let’s get started.

The Purpose

To give you the tools and live coaching you need to quickly learn how to lead people and catapult your career and leadership presence.

The Experience​

Created with ease and convenience in mind, learning is self-paced and online, and accessible when and where it makes the most sense for you. You’ll be encouraged to:

Take the time you need to work through the online modules, workbooks, and videos

Attend live coaching calls to receive feedback and guidance on real-time challenges

Actively engage in the leadership community

The Takeaways​

Lessons learned by experience take time, not to mention a lot of trial and error. This is your shortcut to learning all you need to know about great leadership in a fraction of the time. With the online Masterclass and coaching calls, time is your ally because we take a lot of the guesswork out of learning the (leadership) ropes.

The Method

Leaders ascend through 4 different macro phases of growth. The Masterclass breaks down the various components of these phases into modules that you will use as your online textbook. Each instructional module, which is pre-recorded and facilitated by Shelisa B. herself, builds on the one before it. You will take what you are learning in each module and apply it in real-time in your role. You will share successes and challenges at coaching calls and with others in the leadership community. Sharing your experiences and learning from others is one of the key factors that will help your career to catapult higher and farther than others at your level.

The Masterclass Offers Participants:

A New Focus.

The program places a new focus on the enormous impact that comes from investing in and nurturing New and Emerging leaders early in professional journey.

New Access.

Participants enjoy an online ecosystem complete with lifelong access to all course content, weekly coaching calls, and a professional community.

New Methods.

We layer in the best of Agile, Lean and Human Centered Design to further position students to lead with impact and accelerate their career.

New Success.

This program challenges tradition. Students are encouraged to “Go Off-Script” by challenging themselves and activating those around them.

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