Leaders at all levels are at some point held back by apprehension, fear, worry, insecurity, and so much more. And these feelings are particularly heightened for new leaders. If you’re on this page, it’s likely that being part of a winning, experienced, trusted group of professionals whose only goal is to nurture your growth, would be of interest to you. That is why I’ve created an easy way for you to access training and coaching that will catapult your career as a leader, helping you to stand out among your peers and establish you as a must-needed talent in your organization.

The world is ready and waiting for you to make your mark, so let’s get started.

The Catapult Gains

The Catapult Accelerator fast-tracks you through “new leader trial-and-error”.  You will have the power to create positive change, and be the leader people want to follow. How will the program get you there? You will gain:


Confidence In Your Leadership Ability

Learn the four levels of leadership and how you can mature from outstanding Individual Contributor to being an Impactful Leader that others want to follow.


Communication Strategies That Create Connection

Unlearn unproductive communication habits and tap into your ability to communicate with vulnerability, transparency, and a desire to serve so that you can create connections that thrive. 

Group of people

Team Alignment And Boosted Influence

Align your team in 6 critical areas. Create positive growth and change and cultivate your reputation as a thought leader and innovator.


Healthy work-life balance through prioritization

Leverage workflow management strategies to boost productivity and improve outcome quality. Set boundaries to establish a healthy work-life balance for you and your team.

You will do this by:
  • Ascending through the four levels of leadership
  • Completing homework exercises that are designed to personalize and contextualize your journey.
  • Participating in strategy calls twice a week. Bring questions to the table or listen and learn from your peers.
  • Networking actively in our members-only online community with current students, Alumni, and leaders from a wide variety of industries.
  • Practicing the skills you’ve learned and sharing success stories with our community, online or during strategy calls.
  • Catapulting your career by being someone people look to for guidance, solutions, and mentorship.

The Purpose

To give you the tools and live coaching you need to quickly learn how to lead people and catapult your career and leadership presence.

The Experience

Created with ease and convenience in mind, learning is self-paced and online, and accessible when and where it makes the most sense for you. You’ll be encouraged to: Take the time you need to work through the online modules, workbooks, and videos. Attend live coaching calls to receive feedback and guidance on real-time challenges. Actively engage in the leadership community

The Takeaways

Lessons learned by experience take time, not to mention a lot of trial and error. This is your shortcut to learning all you need to know about great leadership in a fraction of the time. With the online Masterclass and coaching calls, time is your ally because we take a lot of the guesswork out of learning the (leadership) ropes.

The Method

Leaders ascend through 4 different macro phases of growth. The Masterclass breaks down the various components of these phases into modules that you will use as your online textbook. Each instructional module, which is pre-recorded and facilitated by Shelisa B. herself, builds on the one before it. You will take what you are learning in each module and apply it in real-time in your role. You will share successes and challenges at coaching calls and with others in the leadership community. Sharing your experiences and learning from others is one of the key factors that will help your career to catapult higher and farther than others at your level.

Get Direction

Situate your place on the leadership pyramid, then learn the strategies and tactics you need to reach the summit. Identify and shed counterproductive habits, triggers, and behavioral patterns to move up from one level to the next. You can learn through trial and error over time, or you can choose to condense that learning with Catapult. Be the impactful leader you’re going to be someday, today.

Mastery through modules

Leverage the strengths that make you an awesome individual contributor, and build on them to ascend through the 4 levels of our Leadership Pyramid.  Shed counterproductive habits and traits and learn new strategies and tactics to become a Trusted, Connected, Empowering, and ultimately an Impactful Leader. 

Live Workshops with Shelisa

Shelisa supports you every step of the way. Join the members-only Catapult coaching calls twice a week. Bring questions to the table or learn from peers and Alumni. Network with the same group of like-minded leaders in our private online community. Real-life challenges addressed in real-time. 

Leverage Life-long Benefits

Learning to be a leader that others trust and want to follow takes time, and lots of trial-and-error.  With Catapult, you can be the leader you’re going to be someday, today. Shelisa’s course breaks it all down into four levels of leadership mastery. After the course is complete, stay connected to our online community of graduates and mentors, and drop-in to our weekly coaching calls to troubleshoot challenges in the field. 

Access anytime, anywhere

Catapult meets you where you are on your leadership journey – literally! We’ve got you covered. Access the course via iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Learn at your own pace and get the support you need through weekly strategy calls and an “always on” online community. 

8 Skills That Make You Stand Out As A Manager

Here’s what you can expect from your experience in Catapult:

Lead with

Captivate your team and influence powerful change by implementing tried-and-true leadership behaviors endorsed by global business executives.

Create the culture of your dreams

Become the steward of job satisfaction and help your organization create a culture people find impossible to leave.

Fast track

Bringing innovative ideas to life is a science, and in this course, you'll be empowered to experiment. Find out how to fit your ideas within the vision of your organization, then present them in a way that resonates with your collective goals.

Build trust before you break it

Confront the way you communicate and ask yourself — am I creating connection or distance? Self-correct and watch the results follow.

Activate leadership on your team

A leader with the right mindset is valuable; a leader who creates other leaders is indispensable. Learn what motivates the people around you to do their best work and become a vital contributor to your organization's health.

Navigate conversations with trust and ease

Enhance your emotional intelligence toolkit to transform the way you engage with people. Learn the non-negotiables of creating team alignment and a purpose-driven culture.

Prove your
undeniable value

When you go off-script, people notice. Double down on the invaluable skills you bring to your organization and become the secret weapon to reaching new heights.

Design better client and customer experiences

Harness your team's unique contributions and learn the framework for enabling high-value work that directly benefits your customer base.

Leadership Masterclass

Course Overview

Sound familiar? I’ve been there too. That’s why I’ve distilled what I’ve learned by coaching and observing hundreds of leaders across organizations into one value-packed course (plus, a bunch of bite-sized resources, 1-on-1 access to real-time coaching, and so much more!).

But first, let’s get on the same page. Leadership is a lifelong journey, and often, the ones who make it look easy are the ones putting in the most work.

Whether you’re a newly-promoted leader, have an MBA, or have a few years of management experience under your belt, there’s still much more to learn.

The critical checkpoints in your career journey aren’t just your wins as an individual contributor, no matter how outstanding your performance. The surest way to make an impact in your career and your company is to earn the opportunity to influence change as a leader. But I know time is of the essence when you’re juggling professional development with real-time performance. That’s why I’ve stuffed this course full of vital and actionable skills that will help you go farther, faster.

What I want for you is to take the powerful tools you gain from this course and turn them into real results. Watch your team turn into your advocates. Have hard conversations that lead to amazing outcomes. Create space where even your newest hires feel valued and empowered to bring their best selves to work. Build the confidence you need to help your organization impact more lives. Prove your undeniable value and earn more opportunities to succeed. We can do that, together.

Choose Catapult

New corporate leaders all navigate the same growing pains. Catapult fast-tracks you through this critical learning curve so that you can hit the ground running. The result? You’ll be the effective, impactful leader that you hope to be “someday,” today.

Catapult is for you if:

Catapult isn’t for you if:

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