Group Leadership Coaching Vs. One On One – Which One Is For Me?

Your business deserves the best “you” you have to offer. If you’re considering some leadership coaching sessions to help you get on track, your options are varied – but which form of leadership coaching works best for you? That’s for you to decide! Consider the following 3 elements of one-on-one coaching versus group-based training on how to become a better leader.

Level of Attention


LeadershipKnowing yourself – how you behave in certain situations and what you’ve done in the past – is the best way to predict the kind of person you might be in the future. In school, did you raise your hand and wait to be called on, or did your ideas burst from you the instant you were ready to share them? Do you feel most comfortable when you can blend in with a crowd, or can you shine under a spotlight?

Group coaching is a potential mirror for your own understanding of the lesson; one of the best ways to see what works is to practice it with others. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who craves direct and dynamic feedback, one on one coaching might be more engaging.


Specific Areas of Improvement


Some people feel the abstract need for support and personal development, but other people are all too aware of the areas where they need support. Both group coaching and one-on-one can help you in identifying holes in your leadership tactics.

A personal leadership coach won’t split their attention between yourself and other leaders; they’ll be able to observe your work habits carefully and notice where you struggle. You get more opportunities for peer feedback in a group coaching session, plus hearing others’ goals may inspire you to set more of your own!


Room to Grow


LeadershipCoaching is one of many resources you may benefit from, but it is a tool, not a cure. Whichever form of coaching you choose, don’t go into it feeling like it’s your last resort. Have confidence in your existing abilities, but leave yourself open to new ideas. A one-on-one form of leadership coaching may be more intense than in a group; you are less likely to be put on the spot in a bigger group.

Leadership coaches work alongside you to enhance your skills as a leader and embrace your true potential. A degree of humbleness is necessary to make room for worthwhile change.

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