How Can Gratitude Help Me Be A Better Leader

If you’re the leader of a small business, you may be wondering how to show appreciation to your team. There are plenty of ways that gratitude benefits your staff, but how can gratitude benefit you? Below are 5 benefits of practicing gratitude in the workplace.

Gratitude Makes You Happier


Observations by Harvard show that acknowledging the goodness around you creates and strengthens good feelings within you. Consider keeping a journal in which to count your blessings, or sending handwritten thank-you notes. The act of creating physical proof of gratitude will allow you to focus on what you have rather than what you’re missing.


It Connects You To Your Staff


Gratitude helps strengthen the bonds between yourself and others. Being actively appreciative reminds you that in spite of the different roles you play in one another’s professional and personal lives, you are members of the same team, and you are not alone.


It Increases Morale


Connecting with your team by acknowledging their efforts and expressing gratitude for their hard work makes everyone feel better. Try shifting the frame from one of control to one of teamwork; look at each person you work with as a specialist in their own field. People will be motivated to continue good behaviours if those behaviours are reinforced with kindness, and that kindness will circulate throughout your office and come back to you.


It Grounds You


Living in the moment becomes easier when you appreciate the past and future as well as the present. When you find yourself struggling with a project, take a moment to express gratitude towards your support system. You are a successful person, and you deserve to reminisce on how you got to where you are today. Reflect on past successes and believe in a successful future. 


It Can Make You Healthier


 A 10-week study from 2015 shows that between people who kept records of positive happenings in their lives, people who listed events that happened to them in a neutral way, and people who only reflected on their shortcomings, the positive group was more likely to partake in physical activity. They also reported fewer doctor’s visits.

Being a grateful leader is not limited to saying “thank you” after a request is fulfilled. Showing your thanks with intention and purpose takes repeated effort. Practicing gratitude will not always yield immediate results, but the effects can last a lifetime.

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