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Bucket #1 Show me the Money!

In our last piece we introduced the idea that everyone has a “why” and that in general,  the “why” typically falls into one of 3 categories: money, internal motivation, and external motivation.  An employee’s “why” is the reason that you and your employee get up in the morning.  There is a clear correlation between purpose, …

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What’s your “Why”?

As companies mobilize to get back a new normal, the topic of improving employee engagement has taken center stage. (Check-out our article on Employee Engagement for tips on how to evaluate and sustain engagement with everyone on your team). One of the hard lessons learned in 2020 is how intricately linked employee engagement is to …

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The importance of PMV

As we mentioned in the previous article,   engagement goes way beyond employee surveys. I’ve learned through my experience and research that engagement is proportionally related to purpose, value, and recognition. As a leader, it is up to you to make and sustain these connections.  If your team’s engagement is taking a dip, here are …

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Creating healthier responses to mistakes: 3 strategies for new leaders.

Leaders, whether tenured or new, will always struggle with the concept of what the appropriate action and response is when someone on their team makes a mistake. Making mistakes never feels good. But even worse than that, is maybe having to be responsible for another’s mistakes. I can understand the feelings and responses that arise …

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